All You NEED Is A Kitchen...
HOME BAKING PROFITS Kitchen Income - Home Cooking BusinessWATCH VIDEO!

All You NEED Is A Kitchen...

Kitchen Income - Home Cooking Business WATCH VIDEO!


I’m a substitute teacher (or was, before starting my home baking business). I worked almost full-time as I waited for a real salaried full-time position to open up. That was until the Coronavirus.

Teacher starts a Home Baking Business

I applied for food stamps and was approved. I can’t get unemployment from the school district because I’m not a “real” employee. I’m a sub-contracted educational assistant.

I have a friend who is friends with a health inspector. My friend was telling her friend about my having to get on food stamps and he told her about you.

He knows some of your vendors in town. I believe – two of them. He suggested I consider vending.


I was growing depressed as the weeks went by. I’d call my friend and vent from time to time as I watched the depletion of my entire savings account.

So I looked you up and I found that video you did on baking bread, on starting a home baking business. I’m no stranger to bread and my weight is proof.

But this was the first time in weeks I felt some hope. A light at the end of my tunnel.

Home Baking - Banana Bread Calculations


You mentioned banana bread in that video and that’s what I did. I baked two loaves, posted the pics as you said.

Banana Bread

Less than 24 hours later I had orders for 31 loaves of bread. Thirty One!!!

I bought the ingredients with my food stamp card and I began baking right from my home kitchen.


The kind of bread I’m baking goes from dough to bread to dough. As in dough = money. lol

Today I’m making cream cheese banana bread and I’ll send you the recipe if you want to share with others.


I followed your instructions with the next post and decided to put it in two other local groups. Ben, as of this morning the cheesecake post pre-sold 67 loaves.

One of those is mailing a check because she doesn’t have a smart phone to Venmo me.

HOME BAKING PROFITS »» CLICK To Learn More All you need is a kitchen to turn your life around – [CLICK HERE]

Thank you, thank you! I’ve been at this 4 days… posted in 3 groups and have sold 98 loaves. And you’ll be proud of me too! The cheesecake loaves are going for $15.50 each.

I must go and bake. I’ve enlisted my sister in law to help me.

Hot dogs saved your life but you and banana bread and my brand new home baking business are saving mine.

– Ms. Lindsey

[UPDATE – 2]

Ben, I know I thanked you but I don’t know if you can possibly realize what you’ve done for me. I was nearly hopeless when I found you.

Although they had suspended my rent, I knew I’d still have to pay it later. My home baking business is paying all my bills and more. I’m off food stamps and have replenished my savings account.

Never in my life – would I have thought that being a school teacher was anything less than a guaranteed job.

Home Baking Business - Big Profits

The world has changed drastically and although I love teaching, I now am enjoying one of my favorite pastimes as my job.

I’m getting to actually make a real income (more than teaching), from home – doing something I absolutely love.

I’ll probably never go back to teaching. I’ve found my calling. Ben, it’s because of you. I’ll never be beholden to a boss again. Nor an economy crushing virus.

I’ll never have to go job hunting again. I’ll never wonder how I’m going to pay the rent or electrical bills.

I can’t even begin to describe the relief this has brought me. Without your information, I would have never considered this. I wouldn’t know how.

I wouldn’t know about the laws and rules and about the free marketing tips, the options and opportunities.

I’ve even helped three other teachers now and my brother and Sister In Law have got theirs up and running with the jams and jellies.

Biggest Hugs!


Howdy! I’m Ben. Ms. L is just one of the hundreds I’ve recently helped get started.

Home Cooking Business - Baking Profits

Literally! You can start your home baking business TODAY (Home Baking Profits > CLICK To Learn MORE)!

You can follow my instructions and actually have orders today. Ms. Lindsey, – did over $1000 in orders in her first 4 days.

YOU can do the same.

Home Baking Business - Bread For Sale

Recently – I helped a family member who’s wife left him. I’m 100% positive their financial situation caused the contention in the marriage. It went from bad to worse over the past few months.

It’s been like watching a slow motion car crash.

Anyway… he needed income. He’s never been someone to hang out in the kitchen but I convinced him to do it.

He started with cookies – 9 days ago.

His 4th sale – 35 dozen cookies! (One dozen for $16)

I encouraged him to do cookies because of a recent interview I shared with a vendor who does one batch of 500 dozen (6,000) cookies – from home.

I knew cookies would be simple enough for him – before moving on to bread loaves.


Recent folks – I’ve helped get started – are doing all sorts of breads, pastries, deserts, jams, jellies, candies, popcorn, kettle corn and more.

One is specializing in vegetable breads like zucchini and carrot breads.

Home Baking Profits

These folks are making huge profits selling locally and even mailing their creations. Ms. L is making about $11 in profits on her cream cheese banana bread – per loaf.

There wouldn’t be over 800 home bakers selling banana bread on Etsy with somewhere around 200 of them that I helped if it didn’t work well.

Even though – this easy course will show you how to sell more right in your town than on Etsy or similar sites.

THE FACTS are that people will pay more for home baked goods with the best ingredients.


If you want to be – 100% officially self employed, never have a boss again and make a real income that rivals most incomes in the U.S. – then starting a home baking business is your opportunity.

You can also check about a popcorn business HERE.

  • I’ll show you how to start right now > CLICK HEREas in today!
  • You’ll learn how to legally make home baking profits!
  • I’ll share the alternatives and other things you can do from your kitchen that make incredible incomes.
  • You’ll learn the absolute best way to get the word out without spending one red cent on advertising.
  • I’ll show you about packaging and even shipping your home baked goods.
  • You’ll learn how to set it all up and run the business successfully


Just one loaf of sourdough bread, banana bread or any of these will pay for it all – instantly. I can say all this because I have proof. 1000’s of folks, just like you, just like me – who started exactly like this.

There is no risk! It’s all upside. Real people I’ve helped who are in our group have started here and now own food trucks, restaurants and bakeries.


Glad you asked. Those I’ve spoken with or have written me that they have no plan to to this have always fit into one of these categories:

  • Doesn’t interest them
  • They’d rather have a boss and feel more secure that way
  • They are lazy (many aren’t self motivated)
  • Fear of risk/loss

Many go about it all wrong and those often fail. The real risk is not having the information from those successful folks that have gone before.

There has never been a better time. In our group, we are seeing folks make 3x, 4x and 5x what they were. You simply couldn’t have found this at a better time.

GET STARTED HERE / LEARN MORE… (Tap below to watch video)

Home Baking Profits


  1. This information is awesome Ben. I was slightly confused however about the lady making banana cheesecake bread. I thought you couldn’t use cream cheese for Cottage kitchens since it needed to be refrigerated.
    I’m so glad I found you. I’m just starting out as a side hustle. I will need to apply for a cottage license and have labeling printed for ingredients etc. It’s a lot of different steps.

  2. If I want to start my home baking business(cookies, cupcakes) do I need to get a license or permit?

    From Missoula, Montana

  3. Ben, you mentioned in your article about helping a family member get started selling cookies. You said. “He’s never been someone to hang out in the kitchen but I convinced him to do it”. I’m assuming you mean he was brand new to making cookies. How did he begin baking cookies without knowing anything about them? I am in the same boat. I would like to start baking cookies (to sell obviously) but I know nothing about how to make cookies. Can you tell me how your family member went about making cookies without knowing anything about cookies?


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